Smirnoff Ice global campaign

Smirnoff Ice is a beverage that is rarely excluded from any parties and is known for its popularity amongst students. Studio Zelden was assigned to produce tons of festive assets, with the purpose to draw attention back to Smirnoff once the Corona period would be over. ⁣

We took on this production from A to Z: from location scouting and casting to styling and directing. Whilst we are used to taking care of full-scope production projects, we had one more challenge that was added to the list: Covid-19.⁣

The goal of this production was to capture Smirnoff Ice as the beverage that brings friends together after hard Covid times. Location sourcing played a big part in translating this story into final assets that feel vibrant and festive 💚 💙 💜 ⁣

The client wanted us to source a location with both a forest and roof terrace nearby. We chose Westerpark and used the roof terrace of a hotel next to it. This is where we built a barbeque- and festival-like setting. Fun fact: To communicate with each other in between sets our team used walkie talkies 📣 ⁣

All of our efforts paid off and resulted in this mix of stunning images and wiggle gifs! ⁣

Big thanks to our team:⁣

Directors: Bastiaan van Ederen⁣

Producer: Lindy Blomm

Art creative: Lindy Blomm

Photographers: Nanda Hagenaars (product images) & Francis Morrison (lifestyle images)⁣ (not on this page)

BTS DOP: Sander Pieters⁣

Gaffer: Alex Berger⁣

Wardrobe styling: Susanna Jansen & Willeke Elisabeth

Set styling & building: Madelon Bosman⁣

Food styling: Madelon Bosman⁣⁣

Hair & Make-up styling: Anna K.⁣

Casting: Lindy Blomm

Special mentions: Lonneke Borret, Renee Huber, Mary Jane